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Committed to Providing Vital Transportation.

At Morris Transportation Services, we are committed to providing vital transportation solutions that cater to your unique needs. We understand the importance of our services, particularly for our patrons with disabilities or those needing non-emergency medical transportation.

Here's why each of our services is essential

Doctor Appointments

Regular doctor visits are crucial to monitor health and manage ongoing conditions. We offer reliable and comfortable transportation to and from doctor appointments, ensuring you never miss a crucial check-up because of transportation challenges.

Physical Therapy

Consistency is key in physical therapy. Our dependable transportation services ensure that mobility issues or lack of access to reliable transport don't hinder your path to recovery. We help you keep up with your treatment schedule and work towards improved mobility and wellness.

Dialysis Center

Dialysis treatments are time-sensitive and cannot be delayed or missed. Our dedicated service provides stress-free, punctual transportation to and from dialysis centers. We understand the importance of these appointments and aim to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Airport Shuttle

Traveling can be challenging for individuals with disabilities. Our airport shuttle service is designed to eliminate the hassle, providing convenient and timely transportation for a stress-free travel experience.

Private Outings

Everyone deserves to enjoy life's pleasures, such as private outings, gatherings, or events. We provide the necessary assistance and transportation to ensure our patrons can attend these events safely and comfortably, fostering social inclusion and independence.

Non-Emergency Transport

Non-emergency medical transportation is essential for many individuals who require regular, scheduled medical care but are unable to drive or use public transportation. We provide this critical link between your home and the medical services you need, ensuring that the lack of transportation doesn't interfere with your healthcare needs.

At Morris Transportation Services, our mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their physical condition or mobility limitations, has access to reliable, safe, and convenient transportation services. We're here to help you navigate life's journeys with ease and dignity.

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